This is a selection of our automotive work. There are always new pieces in the pipeline and this page gets added to and updated regularly.

Please use our contact page if you need any one-off carbon parts produced.

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Tesla Roadster Carbon Fibre Panel Repairs
We had a full set of Tesla Roadster body panels in for restoration, including front and rear bumper lips, bonnet and rear wing. They had all gone very cloudy and had a number of imperfections and pinholes. We needed to completely strip down and refinish the panels. The final result is crystal clear mirror finish carbon that will last a lifetime.
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 'Cloverleaf' Panels
We custom made the 2 piece dash panel, 2 piece gear stick surround, 4 B pillar trims and the diffuser panel for this Giulietta Cloverleaf as they are not available from Alfa Romeo directly. They are all made using a compression molded skin that fits tightly around the original panels, so they retain the fixings on the rear. All items were finished in 2x2 twill carbon fibre and 2pack glosscoat.
Dr Reid's T9 Saab
Dr Reid wanted to bring his engine covers up to the standard of the rest of the car, and with a passion for carbon there was only one option.

We redesigned the OEM Saab engine covers and produced a carbon spark plug valley cover, and three 'stand alone' carbon panels that fitted tightly over the original plastic items, meaning they could retain their internal clips and stands.

The car now also features and pair of Carbon Wing Mirror covers, Engine bay cap covers and a slam panel casing, plus a custom engine brace.

All items were finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.

Ashley's Robin Hood Sports Car
The Robin Hood as a standard kit comes with all stainless steel panels, but Ashley wanted carbon fibre! So the carbon shapes were modelled on the stainless panels to match his requirements. The cars panels are very curvy, so this was reproduced in the carbon panels, that fit tighly together and around the chassis tubing.

All items were finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.

Sunderland University Formula Student Carbon Fibre Body shell
This year, the University of Sunderland racing team (SU Racing) competed in their seventh car, SU10  at the 2010 Formula Student at Silverstone in July. They were in need of some very light weight bodywork, to keep the overall weight of the car to a minimum.

The mold was made from engineering drawings, and had to be accurate to within a millimeter to fit over their precise roll hoop and chassis. The bodywork needed three removable panels built in for scrutineering and access purposes, these had to be flush fitting and easily removed. They also need a set of sidepods to aid airflow to their side mounted radiators. The body work is attached from the inside to remove unsightly holes needed for the body attachment Zeus clips. The only holes will be for the suspension components, and fixings for removable access panels.

The shape of the car has been inspired by the Aston Martin one-77 super car, with some resemblance to the 1930’s Auto Union race cars. A large, bold grille on the front, painted with the car’s number will hide the impact attenuator, and smooth curving lines will conduct air towards the side pods containing the radiators, and to the engine and exhaust to help remove heat while also reducing drag. The team feels that as the car will not reach high speeds there is no need to design in ground effects or down force to keep the car planted to the track.

Here are some pictures following the SU10 from drawings to track.Click here to go to the SU Racing website to find out more about the car, the team and their current activities.

Custom switch pod
Bespoke Switch pod with removable top to fit on to a Caterham dash board. This had to have a 6mm raduised top edge to be able to pass an SVA test. We build the mold to the engineering drawings supplied.
Arics Monte Carlo
Based in Michigan USA.. Aric is building an awesome Z-Cars Hayabusa engined Monte Carlo beast, featuring quite a bit of our carbon.

Ray Reads Quattro Rally Car
This is Ray's Audi Quattro, and he is obsessed with weight saving, so naturally carbon fibre was the answer. We have made him a double skinned bonnet, front airdam, rear bumper, battery box, turbo pipe, fuel filler cap, sump guard, bootlid, modified rear wing, number plates and door pockets.

The sump guard was particularly interesting as it was made using 3mm of 2x2 twill kevlar and 3mm of ballistic quadraxial fibreglass. which means that it has the structural, abrasion and impact properties of both Composites.