My White Mini

UPDATE - 15th March 2014

The original plan for this build was to use the shell of my very first Mini. Brought as my first car at the age of 17, it was reasonably solid and had a nice 1030cc engine with a 1275 head. It was used for 18 months but then failed its MOT on a few little bits of rust.

Unfortunately in September 2012 I delivered the Shell to Mintec Mini Spares in Newton Abbot, I was quoted £5100 and 6-8 weeks to restore the shell and weld in a T45 cage. After 11 months of lies and excuses the shell was returned to be in an incredibly poor state, with every panel distorted, alot of poor welding and without a rollcage. My shell had been reduced to 150kg's of scrap metal and Mintec had gone quiet on me yet again.

On march 12th 2014 at Torquay Court I finally won my 8 month battle against Mintec Mini Spares. They were found to have produced extremely poor quality work and were ordered to refund my payments to them, plus the cost of the ruined media blasting work plus the court costs. Mintec Mini Spares have been ordered to pay over £6500 to me.

The plan now is to purchase a British Motor Heritage Classic Mini shell, and then send the shell to Endaf Owens for a weld in cage and some track prep.

Engine -
The engine has been built over the last 2 years with help from Brett Sims Motorsport and Swiftune and heres a short spec list:

1380cc Block,
Omega 73.5mm pistons with 6.8cc dish,
Balanced crank 0/0 and shot peened rods,
Swiftune 12G940 RR head,
Compression ratio of 11.3:1,
ARP bolts throughout,
Weber 45DCOE9,
DCR Intake System,
Maniflow 5inch large bore ported inlet manifold,
Swiftune SW10 cam,
MED 1.5 ratio rockers,
Ultralight Steel Flywheel and MED X-lite alloy plate,
Radtec radiator,
Maniflow stage III Large bore LCB manifold,
PoleStar ECU,
Swiftune Straight cut roller drop gears 1:1,
Swiftune Competition layshaft,
Tran-X LSD Diff with SC 3.9 ratio CWP.

This is my lightweight Alternator setup, its a 55amp Denso Alternator that has been modified by a local engineer, he also produced a 80mm M10 spacer tube and 5mm spacer washer, that DSN Classics kindly anodised for me.
Front Suspension and Brakes -
Leigh Dale at Mondo Sport has given me a lot of help with the front of suspension, and at the heart of it is one of his strengthened and lightened race spec subframes. Adding bracing where necessary and shedding weight where he could.

The rest is a combination of what I think makes a solid track day suspension package.

Mondo Sport race spec heritage subframe
Mondo Sport tower bolt spacers
Mondo Sport steering arms
Mondo Sport bottom arms
Mondo Sport ball joint spacers
Protech aluminum double adjustable coilovers
KAD 7.9 4 pot calipers
KAD tie bars
KAD front anti roll bar
Mintex M1144 front pads
7.9 Solid grooved discs
Goodridge hoses
Swiftune CV tapered washers
Swiftune Race wheel bearing retainers
Swiftune ARP wheel studs
Billet Tower bolts
Timkin wheel bearings
Mini Sport alloy drive flanges
ARP drive flange bolts
Sanwa Trading castle nuts

Rear Suspension and Brakes -
I think this is about the lightest and strongest rear suspension setup there is. I've spent a lot of time to work out the correct pieces to save the most weight, whilst still being strong and useable on the road.

KAD Spec II aluminum beam
KAD aluminum rear discs brakes
KAD aluminum handbrake quadrants
KAD rear anti roll bar
SC billet aluminum radius arms
Protech aluminum single adjustable coilovers
Timkin wheel bearings
Goodridge hoses
EBC red pads
Swiftune wheel studs
MiniSpares aluminum rear hub guards.

Wheels -
I've always wanted a set of 10x7 Spectrums, but they haven't been in production since the 90's. In 2009 I found a set of 3.5 inch inner and outer rims, but no centres, and then in 2010 I found a set of used 10x6's for sale that had the centres painted black.
Originally the centres were produced with the backs machined out which makes for a very light wheel, each one complete coming in at 2.1kg's without a tyre.
I've had the outer rims striped of the anodising and then polished and sealed. The centres and inner rims have been soda blasted and enamel coated in a satin metallic silver to match the original anodising.
Things to stop it rolling away..
The shell will have sill stands, which are tubes welded inside the sills at the point where the legs of the roll cage meet it. This means I can put a steel rod inside them and raise the car using those, instead of having to jack on the subframe or fragile floor pan.
I've also made a pair of carbon wheel chocks.
Interior -
Its all 'track day' in here. The interior will be body colour, with no carpets or headlining, and in order to keep the weight to a minimum I've kept only the essential items. All the instrumentation is dealt with by the single Stack gauge, meaning that no large dash is needed to hold lots of gauges.

Cobra Evolution pro seat
Schroth Profi II ASM 5 point harness
Stack dash ST700SR gauge
MOMO 78 Wheel 330mm
Lifeline quick release boss
Swiftune switch box
Retro Sport billet door handles
Retro Sport alloy throttle pedal
Minisport billet door release
Carbon Footrest
Carbon flat sheet dash fitted between rails
Carbon doorcards and parcel shelf
Gear selector moved inside car
Quaife gear knob
Standard gear stick shortened by 100mm
Alloy tube for gear linkage
Zero 2000 2.25 litre extinguisher kit with pull cables.

And then theres all this lot to fit....