This is a selection of our past and current customers cars, boats and projects. There are always new pieces in the pipeline and this page gets added to and updated regularly.

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Bens Mini project
Click here to go to the online log of Bens project mini build.
He will be updating with each step of progress. Since 2006 Ben has been collecting parts and having pieces made for this build, and now the time has come to put it all together. The car will be a road legal track car and the plan is for his mini is as close to 300bhp/ton as possible.
'Breakout 67' by Warrs Harley Davidson

A Harley Davidson with a serious amount of carbon! There is a long list of pieces we have produced for this bike including, front and rear fenders, tank top and side trims, rear splash guard, air filter plate, and 2 piece belt guard.
Andys Honda powered Mini
Andy has been a long time customer of ours and built his Mini over a number of years, but it was definitely worth the wait. We made a bespoke diffuser and airdam for the car, along with single skin bootlid, door cards, and saloon bumpers.
Rachel and Marks Fairline Carrera 24 helm
We were entrusted with the job of completely transforming Rachel and Marks helm during the restoration of their Fairline. We were given free roam with this, the only proviso was that it had to be ‘carbon, red, and shiny’.
We produced a photoshop mockup for the owners to approve and make any alterations. We then made a dash consisting of two removable carbon panels and two fixed panels. The bottom panel fits tightly around the steering boss and has a painted ‘Fairline’ logo under the gloss lacquer. The original blue gelcoat base was given a striking coat of a metallic Ferrari red to compliment the new upholstery on the boat.
Cougar Marine's 12m Race Boat 'Argentum'
We produced the dash panels for Cougars new race boat, built to compete in the Cowes to Torquay and Cowes to Monte Carlo marathon races. 

The dash panels have sixty seven precisely cut holes, and also feature white labeling which is sealed underneath the lacquer. The dash is a 2mm thick carbon laminate finished in 2x2 Twill carbon fibre and 2pack glosscoat.

Grahams 1330 mini in New Zealand
Grahams mini is 1330cc, and fitted with an AKM 7port head and a 5 speed JKD box. The car is mainly used for club days and car shows, and was custom built for Graham by Peter Zivkovic Race Cars, who was the stunt driver in classic NZ mini film "Goodbye Pork Pie".

Graham is our most distant customer.. and we made the bumpers, number plate light, headlamp rings, grill and surround.

Neil Turners hillclimb mini
Neil Turner, of Polestar engine management, runs this hillclimb mini which features our one piece front end, doors, headlamp domes, bootlid, miglia arches, rear bumper, parcel shelf, rear light blanks, timing blade and a carbon dash in Polestar livery.

A very competitive car made quicker now we've lost more than 40 kilos from the cars original weight.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 'Cloverleaf' Panels
We custom made the 2 piece dash panel, 2 piece gear stick surround, 4 B pillar trims and the diffuser panel for this Giulietta Cloverleaf as they are not available from Alfa Romeo directly. They are all made using a compression molded skin that fits tightly around the original panels, so they retain the fixings on the rear. All items were finished in 2x2 twill carbon fibre and 2pack glosscoat.
Ruperts R8 Cougar rib
This is Ruperts single piece carbon fibre dash for his Cougar Rib. He wanted to completely change the instruments and also add a cup holder, glove box and grab handle to the helm. Working with a relatively small dash area and a huge amount of equipment required a carefully thought out layout. To achieve this we produced a number of Photoshop layout examples until we and Rupert were all happy with it.

The dash itself is a very strong 5mm laminate, as it needed to support the steering wheel mount. The lockable glove box was made completely from scratch and was designed to use maximum space available and wraps around behind the cup holder.

Oyster 625/08
Southampton Yacht Services produce very high quality large yachts, and we were spec'd by their customer to supply the dash panels for his new boat.
We produced 4 5mm thick carbon fibre panels, from drawings supplied. The panels had to be millimetre perfect to match the craftsmanship on the rest of the boat. Details included screen printed text under the lacquer and routed water channels in the backs of the panels. We achieved the high quality and precision required with both fit and finish.
Ray's Bayliner 185
Ray wanted to replace and update the central dials and use new anotated switches so that the new panel didnt need screen printing, and position the resets next to the switches for a more ergonomical lay out. So we produced a simple Photoshop design in order to get the layout right.

The result is a carbon fibre dash panel with 13 precisely cut holes that looks very much at home on the boat. The panel is a 2mm thick carbon laminate, and is finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.

Paul's 50 foot Sunseeker Camargue
A Single piece bespoke carbon fibre dashboard. Paul wanted to mount two large chart plotters across the main panel, these had to be angled towards the driver to stop the glare off the screens and they needed to sunk into the face of the dash. It has been manufactured using a SP systems non-gasing M foam layered between carbon fibre, all using marine grade resins. Finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and a durable 2pack gloss lacquer, to give a finish that is completely air bubble and pin hole free that will last the life of the boat without deteriorating.
Matt Warren's KAD Mini
This is Matt's incredible KAD engined mini, which is the Cover Car on Feb 2012 edition of Mini Magazine. For this we have produced a Bulged bonnet to clear the 16v head, a single skin mk3 bootlid, front road spec door cards, drivers and passenger side floor plates, a bespoke KAD top radiator bracket, a bulkhead blank, and a drivers footrest.

Matt plans to compete in hill climbs and sprints with the car in the 2012 season, and continue his weight saving efforts. Up next is a set of Carbon doors!

All items were finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.

Paul's mini - 'Tina'

We produced Paul a set of our Aero arches to go with his Mini project. He undertook everything on his project even down to painting it. He's finished up with a really nice car and we think the new arches compliment his colour scheme very well.
Geoff's Sealine F43
This is Geoff's 3 piece Flybridge dash. He felt the helm needed modernising, and carbon fibre was the answer. The original dash was a grey powdercoated aluminum plate with the fixings bonded to the rear. We used this plate as a basis and bonded a carbon panel to the front face and sealed the edges. The result is very effective.
Martin's Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43
This is Martin's 4 piece carbon fibre dash. The original dashes were a bit damaged from a previous refurb and needed replacing, which meant he could use the new Livorsi instruments that he wanted, and there was also space to add a glove box.

We used Photoshop to design new layout, which gave Martin the chance to get the layout exactly how he wanted it, before we cut any of the holes in the carbon panels.

The lockable glove box was made completely from scratch and was designed to use the space available between the dash face and the sliding doors behind.

All the instrumens were check fitted before we took the trip to Essex and fitted the completed dash panels.

Dave's H225 Diesel Cougar 27
A pair of carbon fibre dash panels with 12 precisely cut holes for Daves inboard diesel engined Cougar. The dash is a 2mm thick carbon laminate and was made so all of his new Livorsi gauges could be fitted exactly as standard. Finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoated.
Ashley's Robin Hood Sports Car
The Robin Hood as a standard kit comes with all stainless steel panels, but Ashley wanted carbon fibre! So the carbon shapes were modelled on the stainless panels to match his requirements. The cars panels are very curvy, so this was reproduced in the carbon panels, that fit tighly together and around the chassis tubing.

All items were finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.

Christian's R1 mini
This is Christian's immaculate Promotive R1 engined mini. Bike engined minis work best when the car has been lightened, which is why Christian needed one of our 2 piece front ends, and bulkhead blanking plate. Theres not much on the German roads that will keep up with this!.
Dr Reid's T9 Saab
Dr Reid wanted to bring his engine covers up to the standard of the rest of the car, and with a passion for carbon there was only one option.

We redesigned the OEM Saab engine covers and produced a carbon spark plug valley cover, and three 'stand alone' carbon panels that fitted tightly over the original plastic items, meaning they could retain their internal clips and stands.

The car now also features and pair of Carbon Wing Mirror covers, Engine bay cap covers, a slam panel casing and a custom engine brace.

All items were finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.

Juan's Mk1 Track Mini
This is our Columbian friend, Juan's bright yellow Mk1 Mini. We have produced a long list of carbon fibre parts for this car, a Mk1 race bonnet, Mk1 single skin bootlid, Mk1 rear number plate light, miglia arches, saloon bumpers, and 998 top radiator bracket.

All items were finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.

Thanks for the brilliant pictures Juan!

James Mocroft's Swiftune engined Mini
We pulled out all the stops for James' Heritage shell Mini project.

He asked us to produce a bespoke 5 tunnel diffuser, which included a 10mm higher centre tunnel for exhaust clearance, a carbon foam cored back plate, gurney strips, a floor to diffuser transition piece, and 12 degree wing elements at the rear of the tunnels. All this plus the carbon weave is in a herringbone pattern up the centre tunnel and the outer tunnels follow this pattern. This all needed to fit tightly under the standard mini rear subframe, rear valance and KAD anti-roll bar.

We have also produced a mk3 double skin bootlid for James, plus front doors cards, miglia arches, and a saloon bonnet.

All items were finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.

James Fawcett's 1968 Honda Vtec B18c4 turbo Mini
This is James' Incredible 400bhp Vtec Mini. For this car we produced a 2 piece carbon fibre front end, and a double skin mk3 bootlid. The bonnet also includes all original fixings and a alloy prop. An awesome amount of engine (almost) fits under a standard length frontend.
Images by kind permission of Kiseki Studio and Souf Edition Photography.
Jim White hillclimb mini
Jim white has been racing at Gurston Down for many years. This years car uses a full aero package consisting of a carbon splitter, diffuser and timing blade, plus our 'Jim White' aero arches. The car also runs with the radiator in the boot, and uses a specially vented bootlid and a carbon blank for the front grill to seal the engine bay. Jim also fabricated a full flat underfloor that smoothly connects the splitter to the diffuser.
2010 season
Stuart's 47 foot Sunseeker Portofino
A two piece foam cored carbon fibre dashboard that is 12mm thick and has a 12mm radiused edge. Finished with all 18 gauges now fitted with Volvo Penta chrome bezel kits. The dash is precisely molded to fit into the original recesses with no mods to the boat or gauges. We handled all the removal and fitting on the new dash. Finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.
Dave's Princess V42
A four piece carbon fibre dash board, including a glove box and radiused top edge. The original dash was aluminum with a wood effect laminate bonded on top, which like many others, had started de-laminating and aged the boats interior. We made a 1.5mm thick carbon fibre laminate and bonded it to the original aluminum backing plate which included all of the instrument fixings. The finished dash transformed the interior of the boat and really brought it up to date. Finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.
Pookys mini
Here is Joe Pooks tastefully modified 998 mini, after having a nasty accident down a country lane Joe needed a new front, and decided carbon was the answer and went for some Miglia arches and a mk3 bootlid to carry the theme throughout the car, and to loose some kilos at the same time.
Sunderland University Formula Student Carbon Fibre Body shell
This year, the University of Sunderland racing team (SU Racing) competed in their seventh car, SU10  at the 2010 Formula Student at Silverstone in July. They were in need of some very light weight bodywork, to keep the overall weight of the car to a minimum.

The mold was made from engineering drawings, and had to be accurate to within a millimeter to fit over their precise roll hoop and chassis. The bodywork needed three removable panels built in for scrutineering and access purposes, these had to be flush fitting and easily removed. They also need a set of sidepods to aid airflow to their side mounted radiators. The body work is attached from the inside to remove unsightly holes needed for the body attachment Zeus clips. The only holes will be for the suspension components, and fixings for removable access panels.

The shape of the car has been inspired by the Aston Martin one-77 super car, with some resemblance to the 1930’s Auto Union race cars. A large, bold grille on the front, painted with the car’s number will hide the impact attenuator, and smooth curving lines will conduct air towards the side pods containing the radiators, and to the engine and exhaust to help remove heat while also reducing drag. The team feels that as the car will not reach high speeds there is no need to design in ground effects or down force to keep the car planted to the track.

Here are some pictures following the SU10 from drawings to track.

Jerrys Sealine C39 40 foot Luxury Cruiser
A seven piece Foam Cored Carbon Fibre dashboard that is 12mm thick and has a 12mm radiused edge. Finished with all 45 switches and gauges that fit into 32 hand cut holes, shaped to fit into original recesses with no mods to the boat or gauges. Finished in 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre and 2pack Glosscoat.
Terrys kawasaki green Zcars mini
This is Terry's Zcars mini, which features a lot of our carbon fibre panels, many made as one offs for his car. The main aim is to keep the weight down, this was done with a set of our carbon doors, a glossed 2 piece front end, roof skin, switch pod, battery box and 2 piece air intake scoop. The car also uses a set of our aero arches, used to cover those massive track day slicks. Next up is a diffuser and splitter to help keep the tyres stuck to the track.
Chris Pillng's 8 Port Mini
We built a custom carbon fibre bonnet for Chris' concours standard 8 port Mini. Because of the Webers that stick out further than the slam panel Chris needed a bonnet with a removable 'bulge' at the front, whilst still being able to open the bonnet as standard on hinges and with a prop. The car also features a mk1 column surround, radiator cowling, centre instrument binnacle and air vent blanks.
Arics minis
Based in Michigan USA.. a lover of minis and bike engines. Has currently built a Mk1 Pro-Motive R1 engined mini and is building an awesome Z-Cars Hayabusa engined Monte Carlo beast, both featuring quite a bit of our carbon.

Mk1 Pro-Motive R1 engined mini.

Z-Cars Hayabusa engined Monte Carlo mini
Robs Zcars mini
Robs pristine new rear engined VTEC powered Clubman. A great car and a lovely bit of engineering. We were privileged to be able to supply all the carbon for the car. The original BMC aqua paint really compliments the shiny carbon.

Ray Reads Quattro Rally Car
This is Ray's Audi Quattro, and he is obsessed with weight saving, so naturally carbon fibre was the answer. We have made him a double skinned bonnet, front airdam, rear bumper, battery box, turbo pipe, fuel filler cap, sump guard, bootlid, modified rear wing, number plates and door pockets.

The sump guard was particularly interesting as it was made using 3mm of 2x2 twill kevlar and 3mm of ballistic quadraxial fibreglass. which means that it has the structural, abrasion and impact properties of both Composites.

Richards mini
Minibullets' mini with our carbon bumpers and bonnet, which includes all internal latches and hinges.
Phils rear engined mini
Phils rear engined turbo pickup fitted with miglia arches, double shiny sided roof panel, tailgate and number plates.