January 2011

Working with Simon McBeath, aerodynamicist, author of the Haynes published  "Competition Car Aerodynamics" and the "Aerobytes" column writer for Racecar Engineering magazine, Carbon Weezel spent a day at the MIRA full scale wind tunnel on Friday 21 January 2011, testing the ADR3.

With a lot of work and forward planning from us at Carbon Weezel, prototype parts were produced which enabled a series of over 50 test runs over this very hectic day.  The emphasis was to achieve aerodynamic downforce figures to a near 50/50 split front and rear at around 90MPH.

After 37 runs and various changes we achieved a split of 47.4% front and 52.6% rear,and an L/D of -1.887,which we are all very pleased with.

You will be able to read a full report of the MIRA testing in Simon's column in Racecar Engineering Magazine which is scheduled to run from April 2011 to July 2011.

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