Here are some bike projects we've been involved with recently. All the parts have been made using our crystal clear marine grade resin and have all been made as either self-supporting carbon skins or as stand alone parts and used on custom bike builds. All items are finished in hard 2pack clearcoat, some in a polished glosscoat and some in a satin finish.

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'Breakout 67' by Warrs Harley Davidson

A Harley Davidson with a serious amount of carbon! There is a long list of pieces we have produced for this bike including, front and rear fenders, tank top and side trims, rear splash guard, air filter plate, and 2 piece belt guard.
GSXR 1100 Cafe Racer

This is Rowan’s Cafe Racer style Suzuki GSXR 1100. It has been heavily modified from the original form, and he approached us to help him. We produced a seat/rear arch unit, and rear mudguard as well as a carbon fibre tank. This is a steel OEM petrol tank that we made a tight carbon fibre skin for that is bonded over the steel.
Urban Racer by Warrs Harley Davidson

Warr’s converted a Harley Davidson Sportster 48 into this stunning ‘Urban Racer’, we produced custom tank side trims and a flowing dual exhaust heat shield, all three pieces are finished in matt.
Matrix Softail by Warrs Harley Davidson

Another of Charlie Stockwell’s designs at Warr’s Harley Davidson. For this project he required a unique 3 layered tank top trim, side trims and front fender, all finished in matt..
'Burning Man' bike by Warrs Harley Davidson

This is one of Charlie Stockwell’s very unique Harley Davidson custom bikes. He needed a battery box with cover, rear shock absorber bodies, axel covers and a pair of exhaust heat shields, all with a matte finish.